All our laser show are performed by technicians specifically trained (Level 3) and approved for the implementation of class IV lasers.
The control of risks inherent in the use of this type of product is a major concern for our Company.

All our laser shows are designed with the aim of maximum security  the installations and laser projections in order to ensure the prevention of all risks. The Company’s history and experience allow us to offer the best guarantees in this area.

We make install for hardware sales and rentals.

Danger laser

Our lasers comply with EN 60825-1 standards, namely:

They are used in the visible spectral range (445 to 660 nm) and have opaque and non-reflective mechanical shutters.
The laser beam out from the laser system through orifices whose form and limit position rigorously the excursion of the beam to the space it is authorized to scan.
They are equipped with a deflection system with 2 X,Y scanners controlled by professional software with security and electronic cache to limit the laser course (projection area, masking).


Our laser installations are carried out according to the rules and conform to the provisions of the international technical report TR-IEC 60825 -3 namely:

The lasers are installed on a stable support more than 3 meters in height.
When performing a laser show, we check out of the public, that there is no parasitic reflection and no reaction of the materials of decoration.
A “safety” switch is located near the laser with the indication : Emergency stop Laser.

We use diode laser or OPSL source with a power of 1 to 70 Watts, emitting a wavelength beam of 445 to 660 nm (continuous and non-pulsed visible), a divergence of 0.6 to 1, 5 mrad and a beam diameter of 1.6 to 5,5 mm.

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